Mission Statement

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Customer Satisfaction is our highest goal. In the pursuit of new business, we will seek those customers who share similar business values, and strive to establish synergistic relationships.

We are committed to the relentless pursuit of quality. Continuous improvement in every aspect of our operation is an absolute necessity for continuous growth.

The associates of CATSS, LLC are the keys to our success! It is their dedication and their concern that maintains a smooth running operation. That dedication will determine our future. Continuous communication and involvement in the total scope of CATSS, LLC is critical – a TEAM approach will always be the focus.

Our goal is to promote a culture of safety for all employees. We will foster an environment of effectively identifying and managing safety risks through recognition, evaluation, and educating our employees so that they may go home safely.

Management is committed to the financial stability of the company. So that “all” may enjoy comfort and peace of mind in both their personal and business lives, a conservative approach to spending will always be observed.

CATSS, LLC will remain involved in the community and demonstrate concern for its well-being. We will take pride in the development and growth of our community.

We will deliver quality in every order. We believe that it is “QUALITY” that retains customers. The nature of our business demands attention to detail with a goal of perfection. We will serve that goal.